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Tile flooring is a classic floor covering that offers a stunning combination of beauty, durability, and versatility. Whether you're looking for a classic look, a modern design, or anything in between, there's a tile out there that will perfectly capture your vision. As a premier tile shop in Tampa, FL, we're committed to providing you with an extensive selection of quality tile flooring alongside valuable insights that will enhance your renovation journey.

Ceramic tile: timeless and adaptable

Ceramic tile is crafted from natural clay that is shaped, glazed, and then fired in a kiln. This process gives ceramic tiles their characteristic hardness and ability to withstand wear and tear. Available in numerous different colors, designs, and textures, ceramic tiles can effortlessly match any interior design theme. They are generally preferred in areas with moderate to light traffic due to their slightly softer and more porous structure compared to porcelain tile flooring. Ideal for walls, backsplashes, and floors, ceramic tiles are a budget-friendly material that doesn't compromise on style.

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Porcelain tile: unrivaled strength and moisture resistance

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile, but it's made from more refined clay and fired at higher temperatures. This leads to a denser and more durable tile that's ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Porcelain tiles are less porous than ceramic tiles, so they're more resistant to moisture and stain penetration. Excellent for high-traffic areas, porcelain tiles can handle heavy wear and exposure to the elements, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their through-body color composition ensures that they hide chips or scratches better than other flooring options.

Top reasons to choose tile flooring for your space


Tile flooring stands out for its durability, ease of maintenance, and hygienic qualities. Here are some key benefits that make it a top choice for flooring:

  • Durability: Both ceramic and porcelain tiles offer exceptional longevity. They are hard, resistant to scratches, and can handle heavy furniture and appliances without showing signs of wear.
  • Low maintenance: Tile flooring is incredibly easy to clean. Regular sweeping and mopping with mild detergent are all that's needed to keep these floors looking new. They are also resistant to stains and odors, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Water resistance: Tile flooring offers excellent water resistance, especially in the case of porcelain tiles. This makes tile an excellent floor covering for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.
  • Allergy-friendly: Unlike carpets, tile flooring doesn't harbor dust mites, pet dander, or pollen, making it a great option for allergy sufferers.
  • Design versatility: With tiles, the design possibilities are endless. Available in various textures, shapes, sizes, and colors, tiles can be laid in intricate patterns to create a unique look.
  • Cost-effectiveness: While the initial cost might be higher compared to some other flooring types, the longevity and low maintenance of tile flooring provide a high return on investment over time.
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